Rules; Please Read

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Rules; Please Read

Post by Rena on Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:06 am

Hello and welcome to Mystic Earth; A Chance to Explore Your Imagination. Below are some rules that we need all members and staff to follow to have a safe, fun environment. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM them to any staff member.  The rules are split into different sections pertaining to each part of our forum.

Main Rules

**These rules apply to the whole site and should be follow carefully.**

This site is rated PG 13, and should be handled with care. Since Warrior Cats is considered a "young readers" book, we may have younger members who view and/or use the site.
PLEASE do not post anything offensive, or discriminatory. It will be deleted and you will be promptly disciplined.
Profanity is prohibited and limited to the less offensive words.
No nudity or sexual content is to be posted or shared, anywhere. Period.
Please no double posting, it is considered spam. You may "bump" a thread after a 24 hour period of the last post.
No duplicate threads. If you're making a RP similar to someone else's, please be sure yours is distinctively different. If you feel it necessary, have a staff member or the other member to double check it.
Please no advertising in someone else's thread.
Any images that are found to be someone else's without proper credit will be promptly deleted. Continuous issues will result is the disability of your account and/or banned.
For your own safety, do NOT ever give out your personal information such as your full name, address, phone number, etc. A staff member will never ask for this information or your password. If anyone continuously harasses you for such information, should be reported immediately.
We are attempting to have a better RP activity, so throughout the board RPs are expected to be MIN four sentences long. We do not expect in depth because we do have younger members, but this will make RPs a bit more interesting.
Please try to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. No text talk anywhere on the board. Your post will be deleted continuously until you can speak properly. (I will make an exception for those who use English as a second language.)
There is a limit to ONE account per e-mail and IP address. If you share a computer with a friend and/or sibling, you must have different e-mails. Anyone with two or more will be asked to choose one and the other will be deleted.

Rules to Roleplay

Please no Godmodding, or powerplaying. This means that you cannot control a character that is not your own without the other players permission. Frequent violators will be asked to attend a Roleplay class before they are allowed to continue roleplaying.
Roleplays must require their members to join using a decent bio format.
Invite only RPs are forbidden.
If you need to say something "Out of Character", please post OOC within your post and when you're "In Character"; use "IC." Do not post only an OOC, it takes up space in the RP and can result in members getting lost.
Staff Members can delete an RP if they find any violations with the RP. The creator will receive a notice that RP has been deleted along with a reason.
Other members cannot post in someone else bio. If you wish to help them, send them a PM. Leave the posting area for staff and the member who created it.
Please do not create duplicate threads and/or clans. Academy/School RPs are okay as long as they are different in a significant way. If you want to make your own version of an RP already made, please double check with a staff member.

Art and Writing Area

Do not post items and claim them as your own. If I can look it up and find out it is not yours, you will be banned.
Do not post items that are above PG13. If you're unsure of rating, send a sample to a staff member. If you would like to post mature content, please double check with a staff member.
Do not spam your art threads in order to get more attention. If you'd like, advertise your thread in your signature.


Guests can only post in the designated guest area.
We are guest friendly, however, this privilege can be ruined by those who spam the guest board with offensive content.
All the main rules apply to guests as well.

And for everyone, remember...

  • Please have fun~!!


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